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19th June 2013

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5th July 2013

Update Concluding statement
June 2014


The funds are seeking investment opportunities which, whilst meeting their investment return and risk strategies, also have a positive economic, social and environmental impact in the UK. The funds are not reducing their risk and return requirements for these investments.

The following investment opportunities are being sought:

There is no requirement that one opportunity presented has to meet all of the areas of investment activity sought as described above in a “fund of funds” type approach. A “fund of funds” approach is acceptable as are opportunities that only cover a limited number of areas. Asset managers can put forward current opportunities or propose new arrangements.

Sponsoring funds are not seeking housing investments as a number of opportunities are currently already known and accessible to funds. However housing opportunities in combination with other asset types as set out in this definition will be considered, provided they are part of a suitably diverse risk and return profile that otherwise would be acceptable.

This is not an EU public procurement process, but a process to identify investment opportunities for consideration by each fund’s own in-house due diligence requirements for the selection of investments.